Are you taking pain killers regularly without the Doctor’s advice?


Believe it or not, Opioid abuse is a major global public health challenge today. You may gradually get addicted to it and cannot do away without it. Ever since its extraction in 1803, Morphine has become a standard drug to fight pain all over the world. People started taking it unabated and for any minor body pain that can be rid-off with regular exercises are also treated with painkillers.

You need not be blamed for the worst scenario because the medical practitioners have recommended it heavily. Since 1990s, indiscriminate Opioid drugs usage has started posing severe health risks. In USA alone, 2.1 million Americans are getting addicted to it, leading to the death of over 130 patients every day. The department of Public Health has announced overdose consumption as an epidemic. In 2017 as it paradoxically lead to an increased sensitivity to noxious stimuli.

Historically, usage of Cannabis is dated back to 500 B.C in Central Asia as an herbal and spiritual medicine. However, Cannabis usage is legalized, and can be used freely in USA. And it is in its various forms is leading to drug abuse among youth. Strangely, this sedative drug can be used to treat ‘Opioid addiction’ as it can act as receptor and stimulate the ‘signaling points at the ‘Central Nervous System’.

Note: Don’t apply Cannabis yourself without the doctor’s advice as the overdose may further aggravate your condition.

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