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Are lipomas cancerous?

Nah…. it is not cancerous. A lipoma is a harmless deposit of fat under the skin that’s typically found on the neck, back or shoulders.  A benign tumor, aka lipoma, is very common in humans. It feels delicate and isn’t painful. It generally develops if you have a family history of lipomas. However, in odd cases, a lipoma can become a liposarcoma (a fat-cell cancer). It tends to be found i[.....]

Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle is Key to Get Rid of Insomnia

We often mistake insomnia as complete absence of sleep, but actually insomnia is a condition including struggling to fall and stay asleep, early morning awakening, daytime sleepiness and sleepwalking. We know how difficult a day would be when we don’t have an enough sleep.  Now think if it repeats days, weeks and months, then you can understand how dreadful it is and why this insomnia directly affects our mental and physic[.....]

Small Medicine! Yet Effective in Drug Delivery

The very name Nanomedicine denotes the size and the structure of the pharmacy yet it is the most promising and emerging field in pharmacology in recent times. Its prominence is on rise not because it involves and deploys innovative technology; it is getting increasingly recommended due to its precision in detecting the affected organ and reaching it with the dosages of the drug without affecting the other organs in the body. Be it chronic diseases like Tuberculosis, diabetes, epilepsy, nonomed[.....]

Are you taking pain killers regularly without the Doctor’s advice?

You may gradually get addicted to it and cannot do away without it. Believe it or not, Opioid abuse is a major global public health challenge today.  Ever since its extraction in 1803, Morphine has become a standard drug to fight pain all over the world.  People started taking it unabated and for any minor body pain that can be rid-off with regular exercises are also treated with painkillers. You need not be blamed for the worst scenario because the medical practitioners have reco[.....]

Therapeutical Overview of Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer

The meaning of metastasis is spreading in nature. In non-metastatic breast cancer, the cancer cells won’t spread from primary site to other places in the body. Based on the effected cells in the breast, this cancer is divided into ductal carcinoma in situ, invasive lobular carcinoma and invasive ductal carcinoma. unlike Metastatic breast cancer, this non-metastatic breast cancer is curable and won’t affect other [.....]
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