Short-Term Versus Long-Term Challenges in Functional Biomaterials Interfacing Living Systems

Image Functional biomaterials (FBMs) have been increasingly adopted as a key element in all sorts of biomedical devices for innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, as they can be tailored for specific applications while being highly tolerated by living systems. Thanks to their versatility, FBMs have been used as vehicles for targeted pharmaceutical delivery to address cancer and tissue/bone degenerations, engineered as scaffolds for musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and nerve regeneration, or employed as electrode coatings to enhance sensing/modulation of specific signals and stability, as... Read More

Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Technology

Image The Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation is an open access and International, Peer reviewed Journal that aims to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion on all topics related to Pharmacy which deals with Drug Interaction, Drug Metabolism, Drug discovery, Pharmaceutical chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology. The journal also covers Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis. Modern Synthetic Chemistry is study of chemic... Read More

New Approaches in Drug Discovery

Image In recent years, the drug development has become more versatile and has moved from being primarily antibody-focused to other advance strategic therapies which include gene and cell therapies. With ongoing increasing demand in new drug discovery and development, medicinal chemist, researchers and many other biologics industrialist growing exponentially in the last decade. The International Journal of D... Read More

Are you taking pain killers regularly without the Doctor’s advice?

Image Believe it or not, Opioid abuse is a major global public health challenge today. You may gradually get addicted to it and cannot do away without it. Ever since its extraction in 1803, Morphine has become a standard drug to fight pain all over the world. People started taking it unabated and for any minor body pain that can be rid-off with regular exercises are also treated with painkillers. You need not be blamed for the worst s... Read More