Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Non-Medical Use of Drugs

Image Various academic disciplines are increasingly concerned with uses of pharmaceuticals (e.g., opioids, stimulants) and other substances (e.g., cannabis) for uses that fall outside the boundaries of medicine as it is usually conceived. Controversies have sprung up on issues as diverse as pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement, addiction, alternatives to punishment, deletion of unwanted memories and improving the mood of people who were never clinically depressed. These discussions usually occur in disciplinary silos, but opinions that draw on basic science and technology should no... Read More

Advances and Challenges in Nanomedicine

Image Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that is revolutionizing the way we detect and treat damage to the human body. Nanomedicine applies nanotechnology to highly specific medical interventions for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. They are increasingly being used to overcome biological barriers in the body to improve the way we deliver compounds to specific tissues and organs. In particular, nanomedicines have been shown to be beneficial for stabilising therapeutic compounds, overcoming obstacles to cellular and tissue uptake, and improving biodistribution of compo... Read More

Small Medicine! Yet Effective in Drug Delivery

Image The very name Nanomedicine denotes the size and the structure of the pharmacy yet it is the most promising and emerging field in pharmacology in recent times. Its prominence is on rise not because it involves and deploys innovative technology; it is getting increasingly recommended due to its precision in detecting the affected organ and reaching it with the dosages of the drug without affecting the other organs in the body. Be it chronic diseases like Tuberculosis,... Read More

American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery Celebrates Its 6 Years of Successful and Prosperous Journey and Still Counting

Image American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery (ISSN: 2321-547X) is an Open Access peer reviewed journal published the first issue in 2013. This journal follows a strictly peer review process to maintain the standard of the articles. The editorial team of ‘American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery’ is overwhelmed by the response and eagernes... Read More