Insecticidal Poisoning in Human Visceral Organs


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The dire necessity of food for each human being for his existence forces the mankind to increase the quantum of food production. Only after the onset of Green Revolution which popularized the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc., the level of production of food crops began to soar to leave a considerable amount of surplus behind.

Fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides have adverse effects on man through the process of toxication of crop produce, the essential nutrients are replaced by toxic materials which get into man and cause physiological problems. More serious than this is the fact that most of the victims who have committed suicide tempted to have consumed some powerful chemicals being used in farms. Insecticides especially the organo phosphorus compounds come handy to them. The high toxicity of those compounds immediately affects the visceral organs of the body and leads to death. The price the victim must pay for his death is the intolerable nerve splitting pain during the deterioration of internal organs under the chemical action of the toxins.

Thus, a poison is a substance which when administered or taken in small quantity will produce ill-health or death by its constitutional, local and cumulative effects. Insecticides represent one group of pesticides that are used in large quantities and have a history of causing toxic effect in humans. They are classified into three types based on their structural difference, Organo phosphorus insecticide, Organo chlorinated insecticide, Organo carbamate insecticide.

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