Faster Recuperation of Pain and Musculoskeletal System through Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy


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Recently, medical doctors and biotechnology researchers from various countries have developed new therapeutic methods and techniques called vibroacoustic sound therapy (VAT) for a wide range of patients. However, most of the patients from previous studies had chronic diseases or were at the latter phases of therapy. Although the effectiveness of VAT has been examined in a few studies, no research has yet been conducted regarding the application of VAT on patients shortly after undergoing an operation on a joint.

The purpose of vibroacoustic sound therapy (VAT) is to recuperate lost cellular energy over time and improve the patient's overall health. In theory, micro vibrations not only heal damaged cells, but also express energy at the cell level. These biological phenomena cause sudden vibrations in the body, which can reduce the recovery time from intense physical stress or long-term fatigue after injury. As a recreational therapist, Patrick observed the effects of bioacoustics therapy on patients with various medical conditions by performing a test program for pain and symptom relief. He concluded that the 22-minute VAT sessions lead to a 53% cumulative reduction in pain and symptoms. Kike et al. also demonstrated the efficacy of vibration-absorbing therapy as a monotherapy applied to patients with arthritis. In their study, a 15-minute bioacoustics therapy session was performed by directly attaching vibration-absorbing material to the skin surrounding the knee joint. The results showed that 91% of the patients improved from knee pain. Although previous studies have shown that VAT can be effective, most of the subjects that were treated had chronic diseases or were at the end of their therapy period, which indicated the need for a more aggressive experimental approach.

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