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chronobiography is mainly concerned with the study of biological rhythms and the various molecular mechanisms associated to these biological rhythms.The related terms chronomics and chronome have been used in some cases to describe either the molecular mechanisms involved in chronobiological phenomena or the more quantitative aspects of chronobiology, particularly where comparison of cycles between organisms is required.

The article entitled Pain Chronobiology and Epigenetic Regulation Nutrition, Nutraceuticals, Acupuncture shows the brief description of chronobiography.

The biopsychosocial model allows an evaluation of different parameters involved in chronic pain. There may, however, be simple non-iatrogenic strategies based on the physiology that can improve treatment outcome. Non-drug strategies as nutrition, neutraceuticals and acupuncture in addition to drugs take a special place in the management of critical situations were conservative treatment failed. A therapeutic algorithm integrating chronobiology and the epigenetics factors considering the inter individual variability has been used for several years. The applied chronobiology also uses acupuncture strategies that associate the extraordinary vessels regulation, individualized points focussing on the typology of each, system regulator points, trigger points, auriculotherapy. Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain and is therefore a reasonable referral option. Significant differences between true and sham acupuncture indicate that acupuncture is more than a placebo.

Acupuncture; Chronobiology; Integrative pain medicine; Multimodal treatment; Nutrition. Click this to know more

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